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To clear what I'm looking for, Suppose a guy at work/university who tries to have sexual relationship with many girls and changes his choice continually one after another!who has inspired among other masterpieces the Opera "Don Giovanni" by Mozart and the play "Dom Juan" by Molière.And middle-aged people just don't talk about that kind of thing much anyway.Too old to bandy it around in idle banter, too young to get morally indignant enough to use it in [email protected]: To be honest, by the time that guy in uni was on his 4th or 5th partner in a single term, I'd be more concerned about the standards of the next woman in line.

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Because there are so many regional and political variants (registers) of Hindi, estimates of the number of native speakers run from 185 to 311 million.

Tobacco Pronounced "bag ed" , somebody who takes drugs and is usually used for serious drug users Means a lot - "miss i've done bare work" Used to mock someone who is whining - Bawww! Another way of saying phone me "bell me" A weight of cannabis (£10 worth) "can I have a ben please?

" Tantrum A play on words from the singer/songwriter "Beverley Knight', referring to a night filled with Bevvies. An alcoholic beverage A public house; used to consume bevvies.

There have been many attempts to shoehorn Sanskrit words into modern Hindi; anyone who’s taken yoga knows what an eyeroll that can be.

Like the Danish, Hindi speakers gravitate towards English loanwords like कंडोम /kɐɳɖom/ “condom,” especially when the alternative is गर्भ निरोधक आवरण /gɐrbʱ n̪ɪrod̪ʱɐk aʋrɐɳ/ “pregnancy inhibitor sheath.” Of those 311 million, there are definitely some hunks.

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You’ll meet other singles like you while playing volleyball, kickball, flag football, softball, disc golf, or just taking in a local professional game. If you’re a foodie you’ll be able to dine with other single members at great restaurants.

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